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Reclaiming Masculinity

I feel the term “masculinity” has become provocative, due to old stereotypes and a lack of understanding.

“Masculinity” is more of something we embody rather than a role we play. Fortunately, the historical stereotypes are being slowly broken down. Yet in this process we do not want to lose the ancient traits that come with this energy and that are fundamental to the balance of things.

Similar to the polarity of a magnet, there is a polarity between “masculine” and “feminine” energy (hence why we become attracted to people).

When you identify as “masculine” it is important to know the traits that follow: Generativity, compassion, direction, presence and purpose are some of the core traits of masculinity. Trying to live more Intuitively and inline with these core values that help keep us accountable.

So, when we feel swayed by the never ending change of external events - we can turn inwards for guidance instead of outside for validation.

Meditative Musings

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