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Utilizing fear

With lockdowns here in France and the impending lockdown in the UK, there is so much frustration, fear and anger. And rightly so.

Fear is is useful and has kept us alive for a long time, and now peoples livelihoods are at stake so its bound to stimulate fear and anger with the lack of control we have right now.

But we have an opportunity to use this anger. If we can be mindful of it, we can learn to use the energy and intelligence without getting lost in the tunnel vision it tends to create.

We are conditioned to turn away from anger to avoid going down the rabbit hole the emotion creates. Our culture teaches us to find safety In repression, but theres a profound difference in recognizing anger for what it is, without getting lost in it.

We can then use the fire and passion it generates rationally, towards a solution.

Meditative Musings

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