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What does it mean “to be masculine”?

There are lots of great work being done helping men to be more open. But what amounts to masculinity? I think it is important to understand both its’ definition and connotations in order to avoid unnecessary suffering within the gender role.

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energies; but typically, one of these are more dominant within each individual. I.e you may be more feminine than masculine.

For those individuals that have a stronger masculine essence, there are certain traits that come with it, such as the following: focus, clarity, purposeful. These traits are fundamental to ones actions and mindset.

This being said, I believe the pinnacle of masculinity is aligning our life with what we feel is our truth and by living like that daily.

Furthermore, strength is also associated with masculinity. While I agree with this to some extent, I feel as though we mistake what “strength” really is. A lot of people associate strength with aggression, dominance and oppression. Yet, we do not have to delve far into history to see this extends so far as to how one treats women and the planet.

This makes me raise the questions: Are we acting out to try and mould into this association? Or are we feeling out of place around other men for not being as “strong”?

I have made plenty of mistakes and fell into these categories as a younger man but I am now conscious of the false archetypes.

On next years retreats, the key focus will be accepting and feeling comfortable with wherever you are in the energy spectrum, whether that be “feminine” or “masculine”.

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