Kudhva Rewilding Retreat

A 3 night, fully-inclusive retreat at Kudhva on 17th - 20th July 2021.
From £400 Per Person
Hosted by Pro Rugby Player, Anthony Mullally
Located in the breathtaking Kudhva retreat
Reconnect with your masculinity
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Find a sense of belonging in nature, eating locally-sourced plant-based food
Learn important practices to navigate through life's unpredictability with more ease
Be more open to healthier, more fulfilling relationships

What to expect

Group Discussion

Creating a safe space for men to be their authentic selves without judgement, delving in to the archetypes of masculinity.

Cold Immersion

Conscious exposure to acute stress encourages our phisiology to adapt and benefit all areas of wellbeing.


Group surfing lessons at the beautiful Watergate Bay with all equipment and Lifeguard-trained instructors. Suitable for every ability level.


Delve into breakwork practices to learn how this powerful tool can positively influence our lives for optimal health.
Previous retreat reviews
"Since spending the day with Anthony I have realised that it is okay to be vulnerable and be yourself in a world where it’s easy to lose sight of yourself sometimes. Highly recommended and believe me I’m not just saying that!"
George Shepherd
"Really refreshing to talk about masculinity with a group of genuine guys instead of a therapist or something similar. Also really cool to learn about movement and do breath work/meditation alongside surfing."
Joshua Phillips
Wild old slate quarry

Rustic & Wild Location

Unique accomodation

Award-winning Architecture

OCean seclusion

Escape the World

about the event

What's Involved

We are excited to introduce to you Bothsides latest retreat - led by professional rugby player, Anthony Mullally.

Situated in the incredibly Beautiful and wild landscape of KUDHVA, North Cornwall.   This retreat is split into two sides: masculinity and nature.

Firstly, this retreat aims to bring a group of men together to create a space for authenticity and vulnerability, discuss masculinity and to try and break down the false paradigm, whilst shining a light on the core principles. The other side of the retreat is to try and re-establish our lost connection with nature.

This is since there is an element of discontent and lack of belonging in the air currently and we believe part of this is due to our severed connection to the natural world.

Old cultures have always turned to nature in times of need for guidance, and in the current climate we need to explore both sides more than ever.
What to expect


Arrival and check in
Welcome lunch
Five senses nature immersion
Restorative breathwork
Dinner and campfire

Tea and Coffee
Breathwork and Cold Immersion
Workout and tug of war
Wild swim
Dinner and campfire

Tea and Coffee
Mindful movement and meditation
Depart for beach (surf / hike)
Return home
Dinner and campfire

Tea and Coffee
Breathwork and Cold Immersion

Kudhva Pod

Kudhva allows you to escape the elements while being immersed in the natural environment. By going off-grid and sheltering inside the kingdom of Kudhva your priorities begin to switch away from our busy digital lives and back to basics. Standing above the ground, amidst the treetops, or hanging between the branches, you feel as though you’re being gently cradled by the natural world.
£700 Per Person
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Dutch Cabin

Nestled deep in the woods, with trees growing through the deck and a babbling stream winding underneath it’s stilt frame the Danish Cabin is truly immersed in nature. With walls which raise or slide to open, the Cabin transforms extending the living space onto the terraces beyond.

Its innovative design blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. A large fire pit is the only means to cook and is wholly encouraged. There is a composting toilet a stone’s throw from the cabin.

The mezzanine level sleeps four, with two bunk beds and the lower ground area has two large single beds, which can be put together to make one double. Fresh bedding and towels are provided on your arrival and if you’re lucky you might even get a visit from our resident goats.
£400 Per Person
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Tree Tent

Our Tentsile Tree Tents are rigged across our site in various locations. These tents still allow you to experience our site above the ground; swinging between trees or near the golden grassland.

The Tentsiles will be pitched ahead of your arrival, you just need to bring your sleeping essentials.
£400 Per Person
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Shanti Tipis onsite boasting fantastic views down the valley to Trebarwith Strand. They sit proudly in our freshly prepared field with 180-degree views of the coastline.Each Tipi sleeps two guests in a double bed.

They’re simple stripped back tents with hessian flooring, low profile wooden bed frames and a Kudhva candle.You will arrive to a fresh bottom sheet, pillows and cases, we just ask that guests bring their own duvet or sleeping bags.Beside the Tipis is a large fire pit for you to while away the evenings.
£550 Per Person
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Frequently asked questions

What happens in event of Covid-19 restrictions, etc?
You'll get a full refund within 7 days.
How do I get there
The address for the Kudva retreat is:

Kudhva, Sanding Road, Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel, Cornwall,  United Kingdom, PL34 0HH
What do I need to bring?
If you’re staying in the KUDHVA, you will arrive to a freshly made bed and towels for your stay.

If you’re staying in a Shanti Tipi you will be provided with fresh bottom sheet and pillows but will need to bring a duvet and or sleeping bag and towels.

If you’re staying in the Danish Cabin you will arrive to fresh bedding and towels.

If you are staying in the Tentsiles you will need to bring your own bedding and towels.

Also feel free to bring:

- Head torch
- Waterproof clothing and footwear (the Cornish weather can be wild)
- Warm clothes to sit out by the fire
- Swimwear
- Toiletries
Is it ok to come alone?
Of course, it's also encouraged.

The Journal

Meditative Musings

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